if i could have it all
I'm Mini McGuinness, a sexcilicious celt with a fierce sense of style and a smile you’ll never forget.

Bristol's Queen, and don't you forget it xx

Text @Mini
Grace: Mins?
Grace: If this is even still your number that is.
Grace: And if you still have mine saved you should know who this is.
Mini: What the fuck?
Mini: Whoever the hell this is, stop.
Grace: Well 'whoever' is Grace.
Grace: ...Surprise. I'm not dead. Haha.
Grace: It's a long story. :(
Mini: Stop. This is twisted.
Mini: Do not push me, you sicko.
Grace: Look I can prove it to you.
Mini: Right. And how do you plan to do that?
Grace: I'll come round.
Mini: Don't remember inviting you...?
Grace: How do you want me to prove it to you?
Mini: Fine. Come round, but if this is a joke be prepared to deal with the consequences.
Text @Franky
Mini: I'm sorry Franks. Really fucking sorry.
Mini: I love you, babes.
Franky: Why are you messaging me now?
Mini: I'm back.
Mini: In Briz. Bristol.
Franky: why tell me?
Mini: I miss you.
Franky: you left without saying anything mini.
Mini: didn't mean to. the day after...everything, dad asked me if he wanted to come with him. that day.
Mini: I couldn't say no, Franks.
Franky: you could've rang me. Messaged. Something Mini
Mini: I wanted to, babes. but...
Mini: it's not like i wanted to stop talking.
Franky: well what did you expect?
Mini: i didn't expect anything. it's not like i knew we were going to end up...you know. and i didn't expect my dad to ask me to come to australia. i didn't expect to stop speaking to you, or anyone, alright? i fucked up, babes.
Mini: look. I just wanted to apologize and tell you that I loved you. because i do, franks.
Mini: see you around, girlie.
Franky: You can't just do that! Fuck. So much happened and I feel like such an idiot and you're saying the right things.
Franky: I'm still angry but we have to talk. Face to face
Mini: You want to see me?
Franky: yeah. There's a lot I have to tell you
Mini: right, babes. sure.
Mini: froyo? my treat
Text @Franky
Mini: Party at the new club Aura, try to be somewhat classy xoxo
Franky: .. How did you manage that?
Mini: It's a surpise. You're coming, yeah?
Franky: I guess. Since I'm curious
Mini: And I'l be around again, so be excited, huh girlie? x
Franky: Good, I missed you.
Franky: And there's something you need to know
Mini: Not surprised.
Mini: You alright? x
Franky: Yeah uhm, it's about Grace. She's back. And okay.
Mini: ...Franky, what the fuck?
Franky: I was going to tell you sooner but you left for a bit an
Franky: Don't be mad.
Mini: ...Uh, Franks, Grace is...
Mini: ...She's /dead/, Franky.
Franky: No. No she's not, I saw her
Mini: Franks, don't do this. Grace is...she's dead. She's been dead for almost a year and...fuck.
Mini: Please, babes.
Franky: I'm not fucking mental Mini, I know what I saw
Mini: What, our dead mate?
Franky: Stop it. Nick didn't doubt me and you're pissing about like I caved my head in. I'm not joking, Mini.
Mini: I don't think you're crazy or whatever, Franks. But Grace is gone, alright?
Franky: Fine, believe what you want. I know what I saw. So have fun at your party.
Mini: We saw her grave and her dad told us she was gone and we had a memorial service for her and we saw her in the fucking hospital, Franky. But Nick's deffo right, isn't he?
Mini: I will. Dad knows how to throw wonderful ones xx
Franky: Piss the fuck off.
Mini: Don't mind, have a party to get ready for. Say hi to Nick, yeah? Toodles xo
Mass Text @Everyone
Mini: Party at the new club Aura, try to be somewhat classy xoxo
Text @Franky
Mini: Hi babes.
Franky: Afternoon, you all right?
Mini: I'm fab.
Mini: Something came up, so just going to you know, go off the radar for a few days. Don't freak, yeah?
Franky: What? Don't tell me you're pissing off on me.. Where are you going?
Mini: Fuck. No, course not.
Mini: I'll still be in Briz, just busy. Not leaving you Franks, promise xoxo
Franky: ... but what if I need to speak to you...?
Mini: Is something wrong? Like, related to Luke and all?
Franky: No.. No nothing like that. Nothing at all really. Just what if I want to speak to you and you're just "off the radar"
Mini: Just for a few days, I promise.
Franky: I don't believe you. Everyone's coming back and you're bunking off... Why?
Mini: I'm not fucking off, Franks. Just something came up and it's important to me.
Franky: Well you're important to me...
Mini: And you're important to me. You know that, yeah? So just trust me.
Franky: I only trust you. So don't screw it up.
Mini: I won't. I love you, alright babes? Not gonna bail.
Text @Mini
Franky: I think he's gone.
Mini: Good. You alright girlie? xx
Franky: Yeah. Yeah I'm okay x
Mini: Positive?
Franky: As positive as I can be
Mini: Fab.
Mini: You know I'm around if you need to like, chat about the Luke shit and whatever, right Franks? xx
Franky: Yeah I know. Thanks for, you know, looking out for me and everything..
Mini: You've done the same for me. And I promised I'd protect you. Like I told you, McGuinness girls don't break their promises.
Franky: Well I have to say I do love the charm. I promise too, okay? I'll tell you everything in good time.
Mini: Everyone does. No pressure about it, but just know he'll never hurt you again. Not gonna let him x
Text @Rich
Mini: Suppose you’ve heard.
Rich: I have. Seen her yet?
Mini: No. Not sure if I can.
Mini: Have you?
Rich: With her right now.
Mini: Fuck.
Mini: How is she?
Rich: Seems better.
Rich: She seems like Grace.
Mini: What's it like seeing her?
Rich: Meet up tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it?
Mini: ....
Mini: Fine. Just make sure you don't look like a complete twat x
Text | Mini
Mini: ...
Mini: Gracey?
Mini: So is your dad full of bullshit then?
Grace: Yes, he is. He lied to you all.
Mini: ...
Mini: What happened to you then?
Mini: You've missed a lot, Gracey.
Text @Franky
Mini: Franks??
Franky: Yes, Mini?
Mini: It's just some bullshit rumour about Luke being back, yeah?
Franky: idk what you're on about.
Mini: Don't lie to me, Francesca Fitzgerald.
Franky: I'm not lying, just leave it. I don't know what you're fucking talking about ok
Mini: Don't be stupid.
Franky: Fuck off, I'm done speaking about this.
Mini: I'm not.
Mini: Franky.
Mini: /Please./
Franky: Please leave it.
Mini: I'm not going to do that.
Franky: Then this is my last message.
Mini: Fine.
Mini: But I'm def coming around soonish and I'll also make sure he stays away from you xx
Text @Franky
Mini: Franks.
Franky: Mini.
Mini: Matty fucked off yet?
Franky: Probably. Your attitude fuck off yet?
Mini: Come on Franky, be honest. That's not gonna happen xx
Franky: Then why'd you message me? Need a doormat again?
Mini: If I wanted a doormat, I could just get a new one. Plenty of people still want to be my mates. Who says I need you? x
Franky: I feel sorry for the next one. Have fun.
Mini: And you can have your letter back for your next mate-whatever freak that turns out to be.
Franky: Keep it, I'm sure you'll need it when the next person fucks you over
Franky: No. I didn't mean that. I really didn't fucking mean that. Just.. keep it.
Mini: Fuck you.
Mini: Whatever. I've got better things to do. So much for fixing shit between us, yeah?
Franky: I deserved that. And if you wanted to fix shit, why didn't you just say so?
Mini: At least you figured that one out. Your question has a pretty obvious answer though, so take a shot at that, alright?
Mini: Call me if you figure it out. Or just fuck off.
Franky: I'm not fucking off.
Franky: Call me when you've figured it out Mini.
Mini: Don't hold your breath.