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Mirage of Memory @Mini


Grace had learnt the way to Mini’s place long before she’d even gotten back from the trip with her dad. The harder part was getting herself there. It was easy enough to see why Mini reacted in such short snappy replies, labeling the whole thing as one twisted prank someone conjured up just for some nasty fun. If she reacted like that, how would she react to knowing she was alive? It wouldn’t just be a melt-away of her anger into sudden positivity and radiating happiness. 

The walk up the small hill to her place was a bit of a labor on her legs and it hurt in her calves and thighs in a dull sort of way but she shrugged it off, the distance wasn’t far. Instead she focused on what to expect behind the door when it was knocked. Would Shelley answer it? Was she even still living with Shelley? The only other noise was the slight elevation on her Oxford’s clipping on the pavement.

Reaching the front step she took a deep breath and raised on hesitant hand to gently rap against the door before it quickly withdrew and folded up into the other hand that was loosely dangled by her side. It opened and Grace’s eyes momentarily flicked upwards towards the freckled face of Mini - had it been that long since she’d seen it? The blonde curls that enveloped her shoulders and fell down her back and the piercing blue eyes anyone could’ve recognized. “Mini,” Grace mumbled timidly finally meeting her gaze.

When Mini had first gotten the text from Grace’s phone - she’d never quite been able to delete the contact - she’d felt several things: hurt, anger, and disgust. If it hadn’t been bad enough that Mini had lost one of her best friends, some complete weirdo had decided it’d be funny to send Mini texts from Grace’s phone. Mini was all too aware of her rather harsh nature, but even she believed this was going way too far.

She’d invited the texter to her house solely to rip them to shreds, on the off chance they did show up. The blonde had struggled, trying to remember another time when she’d felt this disgusted, this furious. A few moments had come to my mind, but Mini didn’t think anyone had ever done something as awful as this. Except for perhaps Matty causing the crash in the first place, that summer, but that was a whole other thing. Now, Mini wanted to focus on getting back at the freak who had sent the texts in the first place.

The knock on the door jolted Mini to life, and she had stormed over to the door, heels tapping on the floor. She was glad her mother was out, because Mini wanted to deal with this weirdo alone. She swung open the door, expecting to see some scrawny kid she’d insulted once at Roundview, but she had never expected to see Grace herself. Because it just wasn’t possible, Grace was dead, David Blood had told them as much, they had been to her funeral. It couldn’t be Grace, because Grace was gone, and Mini had the heartache to prove it. She blinked several times, clutching at the door frame. Mini. The voice was familiar, the voice was Grace’s, but that couldn’t be right


Anonymous asked: what is ur biggest pet peeve?

Freaks prying into my sex life.


Anonymous asked: Are you surprised Franky didn't tell anyone about what happened?

No. Don’t see why she would.

Anonymous asked: WHAT U TWO HAD SEX

What the fuck is wrong with you?


Forgive My Lying Eyes @Franky





Standing in front of the door of Franky’s home - the same place that she had spent many days and nights, Mini wasn’t sure she had ever felt so afraid. Mini knew that Franky had every reason to be upset with her, and that was what scared her so much. Mini wasn’t sure what she would do if she lost Franky, especially with her and Liv on the outs and Grace dead, twisted text messages aside. Franky was her best friend, and had been the one constant in Mini’s life - until Mini had to go mess it up by going to Australia with her dad, after that night.

But Franky couldn’t hate her, no matter how upset she was. Or at least, this is what Mini told herself, as it was the only thing that had gotten her here. She and Franky would talk, Mini would buy them froyo, and they’d make up. Or at least start taking steps towards making up. These were the things Mini kept telling herself as she straightened her shoulders and knocked on the door. That, and: Come on McGuinness, don’t be a twat. It’s Franky, for fuck’s sake. She’s your best mate.

Franky had been alone for all weekend. Just after the rave had happened and her dads were still on holiday. Leaving her alone with a few check ups from the neighbors, she was doing fine. No mishaps. No struggles. Franky waited at the stairs chewing at her nails listening for Mini to come. All her memories were coming back to her. Being spliffed up and drunk. Telling her she cared. Kissing her lips. Franky rubbed her eyes and stared down at her shoes. She couldn’t hold onto a mistake. That’s what it was. A fucking mistake that went nowhere… absolutely nowhere.

A knock sounded at the door and she stared at the shadowed figure behind the glass. It was her, she could see it was her. Franky sniffed and rubbed her eyes. How could she tell her everything that happened… how? The drugs.. the… well, Luke and Matty now. Everyone on the outs and Franky shutting herself down. After a minute and another knock, Franky stood up and passed by the mirror in the hall. She still looked worn and tired, but that was her own fault. No sleep and being a fucking idiot. She opened the door and stared at Mini’s shoes. She didn’t want her to look at her eyes. “Hi.” She stared flatly and opened the door all the way to step out. She didn’t want Mini to see what the house looked like. How spotless and clean it was. How her room was nothing but blank walls and stripped of her personality. “Let’s go then.” Franky walked down the steps past Mini and kept her head down, hands in her pockets, and held her breath. 

When Franky opened the door, she didn’t even meet Mini’s eyes. The blonde paused momentarily, wanting to say something, but there wasn’t anything she could say. She’d lost that right after she’d left Bristol. Instead, she found herself watching as Franky kept her head down, and walked past Mini, almost as if she was a stranger. It hurt the taller girl more than she would’ve thought, and it took Mini a moment or two to compose herself before she followed Franky. They walked side by side, but it felt awkward and strange, without Franky’s hand intertwined with hers or their arms linked together. And Mini didn’t have the sense tro try either of those things, and instead she said the only things she could think of to say.

"Franky" Mini began quietly, not sure if she was still able to use Franks outside of text message. Mini wasn’t sure of much in her relationship with anymore, and she absolutely hated it. Which is why she had to fix this, as soon as possible. "I’m sorry." Sorry. Not soz, not an attempt to avoid the word altogether. Sorry. The word was strange to Mini’s lips, but it had to be said. Before Mini could say, or do anything else, she had to apologize. Franky deserved that, and so much more - and Mini intended to give it all to her, but first, she had to apologize.

Her skin chilled up and she felt uncomfortable. Their usual routine of holding hands or keeping together didn’t happen. Franky’s own fault. She didn’t want Mini to see what she had become while she was gone. “Franky.” She swallowed and continued to walk. Franky hadn’t even looked at her once.. even if she wanted to. She missed seeing her blonde hair swish around with her fingers intertwined in it. She missed her freckles and the sounds of her bracelets clacking together when she clapped in excitement. “I’m sorry.” Franky stopped walking and turned on her heel to face Mini. It took all her will power to not avert her eyes and meet Mini’s. Once they met, she stared keeping her lip connected to her teeth. “It’s not your fault. No one’s fault.” She studied her face, seeing that it was a genuine apology. If what Mini said was right, then it was more miscommunication than anything. Even the messages she had sent never really sent. She wanted to break down right there and tell her everything, but she was terrified. 

Franky was actually terrified that she’d lose her again because of her faults and things she did while Mini was gone. “I-I get it, okay? I get it.” Franky looked down finally and kicked the concrete around her feet. “You left for a bit, no contact, it’s fine. I didn’t know. Things are that way sometimes.” She stared at Mini’s shoes and tried to keep her eyes focused and not teary. “It was a mistake, everything and it’s fine. Okay? I’m not mad at you… just disappointed with what happened.” 

"Babes, it was my fault" the words left Mini’s mouth before she could stop them, and she could feel a faint brush rising to her freckled cheeks. Mini wasn’t sure if, like Franks, she still had the right to call Franky babes. And admitting to screwing up wasn’t something Mini did often, even when she was in the wrong. But it was different, it was Franky, and when the smaller girl lifted her head up, Mini swallowed. She’d missed Franky’s face, she’d missed Franky. But all too quickly Franky was staring at their geet again, and Mini felt awful all over again.

"Franky" Mini said softly, reaching out to tilt Franky’s head up once more, before she pulled back suddenly. She wasn’t supposed to do that anymore. She let her hand drop slowly before speaking again, her clanking bangles making the only sound. "I shouldn’t have gone. Without telling you, I mean. Even if-" Mini swallowed, hating that the next word was so hard to get out "dad said I didn’t have time. You’re my best mate.” She glanced down at the bracelets on her wrist, the ones that seemed slightly looser now. For once, Mini couldn’t bring herself to meet Franky’s eyes, even if the girl did look up again. Even with Franky, Mini hated vunerability, and she couldn’t let her eyes show that, even if her words were already doing so.

Anonymous asked: I'm glad that you are back!


Anonymous asked: did you and franks have sex or just kiss?


Anonymous asked: How was australia?

Not nearly as fab as the travel book said it was.

Anonymous asked: Are you gonna see your dad again?


Anonymous asked: you will never believe what your mates have gone through while you were gone

Guess not. But I can imagine.